Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3 Review

I picked these out at Boston but hadn't really gotten any good miles in on them. I put down a 19-20 mile long run today though and really put them to the test. Good mix of road, dirt, trail, & whatever else SF has to offer. They performed great - could feel the terrain changes so not too much cushion and they had a nice flex to them. Feet are adquately sore as they should be, but knees and joints feel great so they weren't hurting my posture.

Unlike some of the other flats I use the holes in the bottom are designed correctly too - so even with all the terrain changes I rarely picked up a rock, and when I did I could shuffle it out without stopping.

Pros: Pretty light @ 7.1oz, nice flex, little to no rock pickups, good feel, a little more traditional build compared to a pure barebones flat (might make an easier transition shoe)

Cons: Light, but not as light as some others. Haven't measured, but it looks like there's slightly more heel to toe differential than I'd prefer.


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