Friday, June 19, 2009

Adidas AdiZero Rocket Review

Update: The Rocket has been out a few weeks now and I've put about 50 miles on a pair. They ahve most of the advantages I expected from the pics/videos (minimal but solid cushioning, low heel>toe drop, light weight) and the rubber bottom is especially nice (doesn't pickup a single rock for once!).

My only caveat right now is that I like to run barefoot in my flats sometimes and in the case of a shoe like the AdiZero PR they seem to be made for it - all the inside seams and creases feel pretty good. On the Rocket however there are some rough spots that bent down into my big toe. I didn't really notice it on the run but when I was done I realized I had a nice blood stain on the fresh white fabric. Oh well - it wasn't gonig to be clean for long.

Previous Reivew:
It's not released yet (scheduled for later this month) but I'm already looking forward to the AdiZero Rocket now. Looks like a great replacement for the RC / RC 2 from what I can see:

- Low heel to toe differential
- Lightweight (designed as a 10k shoe)
- Durable bottom (rubber, not hard tack)

I'll definitely be getting a pair as soon as they come out, and in the meanwhile you can check out the "top secret" video here:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3 Review

I picked these out at Boston but hadn't really gotten any good miles in on them. I put down a 19-20 mile long run today though and really put them to the test. Good mix of road, dirt, trail, & whatever else SF has to offer. They performed great - could feel the terrain changes so not too much cushion and they had a nice flex to them. Feet are adquately sore as they should be, but knees and joints feel great so they weren't hurting my posture.

Unlike some of the other flats I use the holes in the bottom are designed correctly too - so even with all the terrain changes I rarely picked up a rock, and when I did I could shuffle it out without stopping.

Pros: Pretty light @ 7.1oz, nice flex, little to no rock pickups, good feel, a little more traditional build compared to a pure barebones flat (might make an easier transition shoe)

Cons: Light, but not as light as some others. Haven't measured, but it looks like there's slightly more heel to toe differential than I'd prefer.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Running Fast & Injury Free

When I first got turned onto the minimalist running regime, this e-book (yeah it sounds cheesy) was one of the most influential pieces of literature I found. I don't agree with every single point, but I identified with so many things in this book (his take on posture, his aversion to static stretching, and his take on today's shoes) that it was like things finally fell into place.

The actual website is abysmal and looks like it was designed by a 5th grader on Geocities, and the e-book formatting itself is nothing to brag about. However the content is priceless. I got this thing printed out and sprial bound, and you might end up doing the same:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

National Running Day

I didn't even realize this existed, but apprently it does:

So get out there and go for a run.