Friday, June 19, 2009

Adidas AdiZero Rocket Review

Update: The Rocket has been out a few weeks now and I've put about 50 miles on a pair. They ahve most of the advantages I expected from the pics/videos (minimal but solid cushioning, low heel>toe drop, light weight) and the rubber bottom is especially nice (doesn't pickup a single rock for once!).

My only caveat right now is that I like to run barefoot in my flats sometimes and in the case of a shoe like the AdiZero PR they seem to be made for it - all the inside seams and creases feel pretty good. On the Rocket however there are some rough spots that bent down into my big toe. I didn't really notice it on the run but when I was done I realized I had a nice blood stain on the fresh white fabric. Oh well - it wasn't gonig to be clean for long.

Previous Reivew:
It's not released yet (scheduled for later this month) but I'm already looking forward to the AdiZero Rocket now. Looks like a great replacement for the RC / RC 2 from what I can see:

- Low heel to toe differential
- Lightweight (designed as a 10k shoe)
- Durable bottom (rubber, not hard tack)

I'll definitely be getting a pair as soon as they come out, and in the meanwhile you can check out the "top secret" video here:
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