DIY MegaKey: The Solution to Jingle Free Running

Warm breeze, sun shining, steady breathing, and the soft crunch of dirt under running shoes as trees go by on the trail: my idea of the perfect, tranquil, run. Notice what isn't in that picture? The jingle of keys clinking together with every step - it's enough to drive a runner mad. Finally though, I've found a real solution to stopping keys from jingling during runs. 

Over the years I've tried a few different solutions that all left me wanting:
  • Shoe key pockets
  • Rubber bands
  • Stuffing tissue in my key pocket for padding
  • Holding my keys
  • Attaching them to my watch
  • Hiding them under a rock
Everything either felt awkward, seemed junky, or fell apart half way through the run. Now after a few test runs on the track and through the woods I can happily say my problems have been solved by MegaKey (or at least thats what I'm calling it). 

Ok so it looks like I stuck my keys together with a piece of chewing gum, bun in actuality a formulation of Formerol - the patented formable silicone technology that is now known by the name of Sugru. It's actually a "new self-setting rubber for fixing, modifying and improving your stuff" that really is amazing.

It comes out of the pack like modeling clay, then you have 30 minutes to mold it into shape. At that point you leave it over night and it cures at room temperature into a tough, resilient, rubber. You can try bending/breaking this key but it is really tough - the stuff is not peeling off and is leaving no room for any jingling between the keys. 

It looks a bit like a weapon at this point but it actually works great. It fits into standard running key pockets but it doesn't poke or bulge out. And best of all it's super light, super quiet, and actually allows for the tranquility running deserves. 


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