Keep Your Shoes from Stinking

If you like to run without socks (which I think creates a lot more connection with the ground & makes it easier to feel correct form) then your shoes probably stink. Mine definitely do.

The best solution I've found to date: stuff them with newspaper after a run (apparently it's a very versatile tool) and then spray with Febreeze. Most the smell comes from dampness that's the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and this solution is the best one I've come to so far. I've also tried more outlandish things (like creating my own shoe boxes with vents covered in dryer sheets) and I've seen some highly technical solutions but I have no idea how effective those are.

Also: don't be afraid to throw your shoes in the washer. Take the laces out, give them a wash, and stuff them with paper towels or newspaper to dry, it works wonders.


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