Hitting the Pavement Again

Whether I call it winter hibernation or just 'it's-cold-and-wet-out-there syndrome' what I really mean is my running log has been conspicuously blank this winter. I like to think it was a recovery phase but either way daylight savings has kicked in, the sun is out, and if I don't start putting in more miles again or my spare Piranhas will never get to touch pavement.

Kicked off this new attitude with a 16 miler through SF Sunday (that alone topped my weekly miles for the last month) and some track work on Tuesday. 

Plus it should be shoe season soon enough so maybe that will provide some inspiration to test some new rubber. With all the focus on minimalism lately there's been some pretty cool new entries into the market. If you've been testing anything you especially like this year let me know - happy to post some links to other material out there or put your thoughts into a future post.

Cheers to a new season,


Anonymous said…
what a worthless blog...i could smoke you in the beer mile nowadays


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