Barefoot Hits Boston

With the Boston Marathon taking off tomorrow morning the momentum behind minimalist is as strong as ever. has a good article up on a minimalist clinic going on as part of the pre-marathon events. Chris McDougall was on hand and had a quote I can't agree with more:

“You can’t just take off your shoes, go out the door and run five miles. There is a technique to it. The best way to relearn this thing is to shut down the brain and listen to the feet.”

Can't wait for more people to start figuring this out. I'm already seeing some positive changes in my friends who have been experimenting with minimalist methods.


Scott said…
I ran barefoot through college, even on roads - the only time I wore shoes was when the pavement was too hot. Now I'm 53 and 're-learning' to run. It immediately has brought back that great running feeling from years ago and it's very tough to heed advice and return slowly. My hiking boots are now 5-finger Bakilas. Great blog - thanks.

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