Adidas AdiZero RC 2 2008

The new version of the RC 2 had a lot to live up to, so I couldn't believe it when it was even better than I imagined. Adidas didn't change a thing that was great about the old model, but made 1 key improvement. They sewed the tounge to the shoe on one side and added a wide elastic strap to the other side of the toung that wraps around the midfoot to the bottom of the shoe. What is results in is a great fitting shoe that you barely have to tie up for a good fit. With the normal roomy forefoot Adidas is known for combined with the tight-but-not-too-tight elastic band my feet have never felt (or looked) better. No toe bruising, no blisters, no nothing.

The best part - they're cheap! You can grab a pair for about $60 online which is a steal considering how awesome these are. That's what you get when you strip out all the newfangled "injury prevention" and padding that people think they need these days. I've gone through 3 pairs now at about 300-400 miles per pair and I've got another waiting in the wings.

Calamity has struck. Adidas discontinued the RCs for the 2009 lineup. The new shoes for '09 are the Ace's & the Adios' but they both weigh a bit more and have more heel to them then I'd prefer (at least by looks). Looks like it's time for me to do some new testing....


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